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Black caviar is a healthy delicacy?

Black caviar is the common name for the caviar of fish from the sturgeon family. This subspecies includes: sterlet, stellate sturgeon, sturgeon, beluga and other rare species of fish. The product may differ in taste, size, color, and chemical composition, but in any case it has a beneficial effect on human health when consumed regularly.

Fishing for sturgeon is prohibited, so today they can legally only be a product of aquaculture, that is, grown artificially. Production is labor-intensive, but caviar grown in this way is considered environmentally friendly.The delicacy is a unique food product that contains a number of useful minerals and vitamins. It has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, antiallergic, and even rejuvenating effects. It is prescribed to people to strengthen the immune system, increase hemoglobin, and quickly recover from serious illnesses. Caviar is a unique, perfectly balanced product, which is much healthier in nutritional value than meat.

How to choose a high-quality, tasty delicacy?

You should not buy black caviar without knowing the fishing method. Aquaculture farms produce only environmentally friendly products. It is not recommended to buy poached seafood, even if it is cheaper. You can avoid mistakes when choosing a delicacy by knowing a few rules:appearance: a desaturated black color is ideal, but it is worth remembering that the color of caviar depends on the specific type of fish;

taste and smell: this delicacy does not have a pronounced fishy smell, it has a light marine aroma. The taste is very delicate, creamy and nutty, slight bitterness is acceptable, but if a strong bitter taste appears, you are probably dealing with a spoiled product;

documentation and packaging: the best quality product is sold in tin or glass jars, it is worth carefully studying the composition of the packaging - a first-class product should not contain any preservatives, only the delicacy itself and salt;

cost: this pleasure is expensive, so its price is appropriate, even 50 grams of the product will not be cheap, this is due to the fact that the delicacy is obtained from rare fish, and the extraction process is expensive.

By following simple but useful tips, you can avoid buying a low-quality product.

Why is black caviar so expensive?

The high price of black caviar is determined by several objective factors. In order to obtain a finished product, fish farmers need to raise sturgeon fry for three to four years until the adult fish forms. After this, you can determine the gender of a particular fish. Males that are unable to provide the required product are sent for processing. Females are raised for about four more years, when they will be able to produce high-quality, mature eggs. For female belugas, the process of growth and maturation lasts up to 15–20 years.

A fish farm incurs long-term costs throughout the entire cycle, which include maintenance costs, equipment, feed, rent and staff salaries. This forms the final high cost of the product.

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